The CarCapture the flavor of the island & Enjoy Cozumel on our private taxi tour service with one of our friendliest cabbies.Tour the island safely and comfortably on a Car for up to 4 persons, a Van for up to 9 persons, a xVan for 10 or a larger van for up to 14 guests.

P1030343 If you are planning to renew your vows as a pure, ancient blessing of love, this is the perfect solution for you and your better half. Chankanaab Park offers is the perfect landscape to create the magical atmosphere needed for a Mayan Ritual… Its amazing jungle, and the crystal water of the Caribbean ocean present the most beautiful landscape for this meaningful ceremony.

IMG_9303Explore the well-preserved Mayan site of Tulum – the ONLY Mayan structures built along the water, in this Mayan Ruins excursion from Cozumel cruise port of call. Enjoy a guided excursion to see these historical, interesting and beautiful ruins in Tulum.

If you love the sea in this options you can discover the submarine life, there are different reefs to explore, a great variety of fish and a lot more to see. You will snorkel at reefs such as Villa Blanca, Paraíso, Dzul Ha, El Cielo, Palancar or Colombia.